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Thank you for choosing to dine at DAHU Hotpot Canada. Before you savor our hotpot experience, we kindly request that you review the following Disclaimer, Disclosure and Recommendations:

1. The flagship store of DAHU Hotpot in Canada is a unique and exclusive international brand originating from DAHU Chongqing, China. Renowned for its distinctive qualities, DAHU Hotpot provides a numbing sensation without irritation, a perfect balance of spiciness without dryness, and a fragrant touch without greasiness, resulting in a mellow and lingering taste. It's crucial to note that any brand resembling ours or incorporating additional prefixes or suffixes is not affiliated with us.

2. DAHU Hotpot flagship store is located at 47 Baldwin Street, Toronto, Canada. We maintain no cooperative or business-related affiliations with other local restaurants or businesses. We hold the complete trademark rights for DAHU/DAHU Hotpot/ DA HU Hotpot, and we retain the right to pursue legal responsibility for any individual or entity infringing upon the registered trademark rights of DAHU Hotpot.


3. The only official website in Canada : Official Email : Office social media platform Facebook :  Instagram :  Twitter Xiaohongshu (Little Redbook) ID: DAHUHOTPOT


4.Food and Beverage Service Notice: Our restaurant offers all-you-can-eat hot pot and à la carte service experience, and we appreciate your cooperation in maintaining personal hygiene. Kindly adhere to the hygiene guidelines provided to ensure the safety of the food and the well-being of all patrons. Your conscientiousness contributes to a clean and enjoyable dining environment for everyone.


5. All orders are made through our website and will be directed to an external link, Once your order has been submitted to, you will receive a text message for confirmation at the email address or phone number you provided. Failure to confirm or respond to may lead to the cancellation of the order, and it will not be processed.

6.The menu information, encompassing ingredients and allergen details, is diligently curated to provide you with the most accurate information available. Nevertheless, it is important to note that cross-contamination may occur, and we cannot assure the complete absence of allergens in our food. For your safety, please inform our staff of any allergies or dietary restrictions before placing your order. Your well-being is our priority, and we are committed to making your dining experience enjoyable and worry-free.


7.Food Allergy Warning: Our hotpot ingredients may contain common allergens, including peanuts, soy, seafood, and nuts. To ensure your safety, kindly inform our staff of any allergies before dining to prevent potential harm.


8.Hotpot Safety Advisory: As hotpot involves cooking with simmering broth and utensils, we urge you to exercise caution to prevent burns or accidents.


9.For the safety of all guests, particularly children, we recommend that adults supervise them closely during hotpot sessions.


10.Hotpot Broth Caution: Our hotpot broth may be hot and spicy. Please assess your heat tolerance and make adjustments accordingly. For those with a low tolerance for spicy food, we recommend opting for a separate mild broth.

11.Nutritional Note: While we are dedicated to offering fresh and high-quality ingredients, it's important to note that the cooking process in hotpot may lead to a slight loss of nutritional content. We encourage you to maintain a balanced diet to ensure your nutritional needs are adequately met.

12.Cooking Guidelines: Each ingredient is accompanied by a suggested ideal cooking time, which serves as a reference. The actual hotpot cooking time is contingent upon the boiling water temperature. The recommended cooking duration for hotpot ingredients begins once the water or broth in the pot reaches a boil. To uphold food safety standards, we advise thorough cooking of all items and caution against overcrowding the pot, as this may lead to uneven heat distribution. Please use distinct sets of chopsticks and utensils for handling raw ingredients and cooked food to prevent cross-contamination. Your adherence to these guidelines ensures a safe and delightful hotpot experience.

13.Consumption Advisory: The ingestion of raw or undercooked meats, seafood, or other ingredients in hotpot may elevate the risk of foodborne illnesses. To mitigate this risk, we strongly recommend thoroughly cooking all ingredients before consumption. Your safety is paramount, and adhering to proper cooking practices ensures a safe and enjoyable dining experience. 

14.Hotpot ingredients may include bones, shells, or other inedible materials. Exercise caution while consuming and promptly remove any inedible items.

15.Health Conditions: If you have any specific diseases or health issues, such as immune disorders or gastrointestinal problems, please consult a doctor before dining. Choose ingredients carefully and exercise caution to ensure they are suitable for your health condition.

16.Food Cross-Contamination Advisory: At DAHU Hotpot restaurant, our diverse selection of ingredients and condiments increases the possibility of cross-contamination. Prioritize the freshness and safety of ingredients during your dining experience. Employ separate chopsticks and utensils when handling raw and cooked food to ensure a hygienic meal.

17.Promoting Healthy Choices: While DAHU Hotpot provides a range of ingredients such as meat, vegetables, and seafood, we cannot assure that all meet strict healthy eating standards. We encourage you to make mindful food selections based on your individual dietary needs.

18.Whilst we will make every effort to ensure that the information relating to our products and the corresponding prices are correct, such product information, pricing, and images available at our website are for general reference only. We reserve the right to vary prices and all product information without prior notice. Availability of our products may also vary at our individual restaurants.

19.Caution Regarding Hotpot Heat: The soup base and ingredients in the hotpot can reach high temperatures, posing a risk of burns. Exercise care to avoid any accidental burns. Additionally, refrain from using excessively large bowls or containers to prevent scalding incidents.

Storage Responsibility: Please take care of your personal belongings and valuables. DAHU hotpot is not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen items.​

20.Disclaimer and Disclosure for 24 Hours Video Surveillance In Use: Our restaurant utilizes surveillance cameras to enhance the safety and security of our patrons, employees, and property. By entering and remaining on the premises, you acknowledge and consent to the use of surveillance cameras in accordance with the terms outlined below

Surveillance Purpose: The primary purpose of the cameras is to maintain a safe and secure environment within the restaurant premises, safeguarding against theft, vandalism, and ensuring the well-being of individuals.

21.Public Areas Coverage: Cameras are strategically positioned to monitor public areas within the restaurant, such as entrances, dining areas, and waiting areas. Private areas such as restrooms are explicitly excluded from surveillance to respect privacy.

22.Data Storage: Recorded footage is stored securely and is accessed only for legitimate safety and security reasons. The data is retained for a limited period, and access is restricted to authorized personnel.

23.Privacy Consideration: While our aim is to prioritize safety, we respect the privacy of our patrons. Conversations and private interactions are not actively monitored, and efforts are made to balance security needs with privacy concerns.

24.No Audio Recording: Please be advised that our cameras are focused solely on video recording. Audio recording is not implemented within the premises to protect the privacy of our guests.

25.Notification and Compliance: This notice serves as a disclosure of our camera usage. By entering the premises, you acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined herein. Non-compliance with our policies may result in refusal of entry or other appropriate action.

26.Contact Information: If you have any questions, concerns, or require clarification regarding our camera usage, please contact our management or designated personnel. We are committed to addressing your inquiries promptly.

27.Disclaimer of Liability: While every effort is made to ensure the security of our premises, we disclaim liability for any unforeseen events or circumstances that may occur despite our security measures.

28.Your patronage and understanding contribute to maintaining a safe and enjoyable dining experience. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to serving you.


29.All-You-Can-Eat Hotpot: Please be advised that additional charges may be incurred for food waste, with a fee of $10 per 500g of excess waste.


​30.Prior to handling hotpot ingredients, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly both before and after.

Ensure that the hotpot ingredients are fresh and appropriately stored.


31.Adhere to the suggested cooking times and follow the provided instructions for each ingredient.


32.Maintain the hotpot broth at a gentle simmer to ensure thorough cooking of the ingredients.

33.Indulge in hotpot in moderation, paying attention to your body's signals of fullness.

34.Stay well-hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids throughout the hotpot meal. We wish you a safe and delightful hotpot experience!


​謝謝您光顧大虎火鍋重慶火鍋(原創)店 多倫多。在此誠摯提醒您,請在享用火鍋前仔細閱讀以下建議和免責聲明:​

1.大虎重慶火鍋(原創)店 旗艦店 位於47 寶雲街, 多倫多。




3.加拿大大虎重慶火鍋唯一官方網站 官方郵箱 官方社交媒體平台 臉書 Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: 小紅書 (Little Redbook) ID: DAHUHOTPOT




5. 所有訂單均透過我們的網站下單,並將被導向外部連結。一旦您的訂單提交給,您將收到一則簡訊,以確認您提供的電子郵件地址或手機號碼。如未確認或回應,可能導致訂單被取消,且不會進行處理。

6.過敏原資訊 : 我們提供的菜單資訊,包括成分和過敏原資訊,是我們所知的最準確的。然而,請注意可能發生交叉污染,我們無法保證食物中不存在過敏原。請在點餐前告知我們的員工有關任何過敏或飲食限制的情況。

















18.物品保管責任: 請您自行妥善管理隨身和貴重物品,對於任何丟失、損壞或被盜的物品,大虎重慶火鍋概不負責。












30.堂食任食火鍋:浪費食物會有額外收費,每500克按$10/500 克收費






36. 在享用火鍋餐時要多飲水,保持水分供給。我們希望您度過一個安全愉快的火鍋體驗!​


Disclaimer for DAHU VIP membership Card(s):

​Thank you for choosing DAHU Hotpot Flagship in Canada. We would like to take a moment to highlight important details regarding the purchase of your DAHU VIP membership Card(s). Additionally, we want to ensure you are well-informed about disclaimers related to the usage of DAHU VIP membership Card(s), coupons, and cash vouchers.

​DAHU VIP membership Card(s) Prestige rewards program terms and condition:

1. DAHU VIP membership cards are exclusively issued at 47 Baldwin Toronto location. These cards are intended for in-store use only and are non-transferable. Join as a DAHU Hotpot VIP member for $19.99 and enjoy our monthly exclusive membership offers.


2.Kindly inform us promptly in the event of loss, damage, or theft of your DAHU VIP membership card(s). We will assess and manage the situation based on the information you provide. In case of inaccurate information, we reserve the right to withhold replacement. Please be advised that we do not assume responsibility for any losses or damages incurred as a result.

3.DAHU VIP membership cards are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash. They are solely intended for use in offsetting corresponding expenses or for consumption purposes.​

4.For every $10 spent, you will earn ONE (1) DAHU rewards point. Each ONE (1) DAHU rewards point is redeemable for $1 store credit (Please note that points cannot be exchanged for cash). If you do not use the rewards points accumulated on your DAHU VIP membership card(s) within one year, they may automatically expire.    

​5.To redeem any promotional items, DAHU VIP membership card(s) must be presented to our staff on each visit.

6.We retain the authority to modify, revise, or terminate the terms and condition the use of DAHU VIP membership Card(s). Any adjustments to the pertinent terms will be made and communicated to you as needed.

7.Loading Value: The DAHU VIP membership Card(s) issued by DAHU Hotpot Canada does not have loading value or cash value.

8.Refund Policy: DAHU VIP membership Card(s) are non-refundable and cannot be cashed out. The DAHU VIP membership Card(s) do not have an expiration date.

9.Discount Details: The DAHU VIP membership Card(s) may offer discounts, complimentary food, goods, multiplied points, etc. The specific discount content may vary based on different member activities.

10.Points Expiration: DAHU VIP membership Card(s) may have limitations, and rewards point(s) must be utilized within one (1) year. Any unused rewards point(s) after expiration may become invalid.

11.Other Terms: The use of DAHU VIP membership Card(s) may also be subject to additional general terms, including but not limited to no return or exchange of goods, non-transferability to others, etc. Members are advised to thoroughly read and comprehend these terms.​

12.DAHU VIP membership cards cannot be combined with other promotional offers or discounts. Additionally, they are not applicable in conjunction with any vouchers or discounted packages.

13.Upon the issuance of the DAHU VIP membership card, any cash vouchers or coupons provided on the same day will be valid only on the subsequent visit.

14.DAHU Cash vouchers cannot be accumulated or used repeatedly for multiple transactions. Using multiple cash vouchers during the same visit or transaction is not permissible.

15.DAHU Cash vouchers have no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash

16.We reserve the right to add to, modify or remove the terms and conditions of these Terms of Use, including any documents or policies incorporated herein, at any time and without prior notice.

17.Protection of Personal Data: Safeguarding your personal information is our primary business principle. Without your explicit consent, we firmly commit not to disclose your personal data to any third party unrelated to the services provided on this site.

18.You are advised to review our latest Terms of Use when accessing this website and any of its pages, in which case you shall be deemed to agree to these Terms of Use, and accept and agree to be bound by the same.

19.DAHU reserves the right to periodically modify and adjust the terms of service. We advise you to regularly check the website announcements, as changes will be effective from the date of announcement. By continuing to use this service after any modifications, it will be considered that you comprehend, accept, and agree to the revised terms of service.

20. DAHU Hotpot Canada reserves the right to make the final decision.​

Thank you for taking the time to read and comprehend our disclaimer. Please exercise discernment before acquiring DAHU VIP membership Card(s). Should you have any inquiries regarding the DAHU VIP membership Card(s), please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team. We appreciate your understanding and support!


大虎重慶火鍋 DAHU VIP 會員卡/尊貴獎賞計畫 / 現金券條款及細則聲明 


1. DAHU VIP 會員卡僅在多倫多大虎重慶火鍋 Baldwin 分店專屬發行。僅供店內使用,且不可轉讓。加入 DAHU Hotpot VIP 會員需支付 $19.99 辦理會員, 即可享受我們每月獨家的會員優惠。

2. 若您的 DAHU VIP 會員卡遺失、損壞或被盜,請及時通知我們。我們將根據您提供的資訊評估和處理情況。若資訊不正確,我們保留拒絕更換的權利。請注意,我們對因此造成的任何損失或損害不負責。


3. DAHU VIP 會員卡不可退款,也不能兌換現金。它們僅用於抵消相應的開支或消費。


4. 每消費 $10,您將獲得獎賞一(1)DAHU 獎勵積分。每一(1)個 DAHU 獎勵積分可兌換 $1 的店內餐飲回贈(請注意,積分不能兌換現金)。如果您在一年內未使用 DAHU VIP 會員卡上積累的積分,它們可能會自動失效。


5. 要兌換任何促銷品,您必須在每次光臨大虎向我們的工作人員展示/出示DAHU VIP 會員卡。


6. 我們保留修改、修訂或終止 DAHU VIP 會員卡使用條款及細則的權利。對相關條款的任何調整將根據需要進行並通知您。


7. 儲值金額:由 DAHU Hotpot Canada 發行的 DAHU VIP 會員卡沒有儲值金額或現金價值。


8. 退款政策:DAHU VIP 會員卡不可退款,也不能兌換現金。DAHU VIP 會員卡沒有到期日。


9. 折扣詳情:DAHU VIP 會員卡尊享折扣、免費食品、商品、限時優惠、積分倍增等。具體的折扣內容可能因會員活動, 每月獨家的會員優惠而有所不同。


10. 積分到期:DAHU VIP 會員卡可能有使用限制,獎勵積分必須在一(1)年內使用。過期後未使用的獎勵積分可能會失效。


11. 其他條款:DAHU VIP 會員卡的使用可能還受其他一般條款的約束,包括但不限於商品不可退換、不可轉讓給他人等。建議會員仔細閱讀和理解這些條款。


12. DAHU VIP 會員卡不能與其他折扣或推廣活動中重複使用。此外,它們不適用於與任何優惠券或折扣套餐組合使用。


13. DAHU VIP 會員卡發行當天所提供的任何現金券或優惠券僅在下一次造訪時有效。


14. DAHU 現金券不能累積使用,且不能在同一天或交易中重複使用。


15. DAHU 現金券無現金價值,且不能兌換成現金。不具任何財產價值。該積分不得兌換現金或多卡合併使用。


16. 我們保留隨時且無需事先通知添加、修改或刪除這些使用條款及細則的權利,包括任何在此處納入的文件或政策。


17.個人資料安全保障: 保護您的個人資料是我們的首要經營原則。在未經您的同意之下,我們堅決不會將您的個人資料提供給任何與本站服務無關的第三方。


18. 您在訪問本網站及其任何頁面時,建議您查閱我們的最新使用條款。在這種情況下,您將被視為同意這些使用條款,並同意接受並受其約束。


19. 大虎將不定期修改和調整本服務的權益。建議您隨時關注網站的公告,變更內容將於公告日生效。若您在變更或修改後繼續使用本服務,即視為您已瞭解、接



20. 大虎重慶火鍋加拿大保留最終決定權。

感謝您閱讀並理解我們的免責聲明。如果您對大虎重慶火鍋(原創)VIP會員卡 / 積分優惠的任何內容有疑問,請隨時與我們的客戶服務團隊聯繫,我們將竭誠為您解答。感謝您的理解與支持!​

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