To support the city and province's efforts to control and monitor the spread, each customer is required to fill out a Covid-19 Health Declaration Form. All information will only be used by the Public Health Department when required for contact tracing. We appreciate your understanding and patience in keeping the community safe. Thank you very much and welcome to DAHU Hotpot Canada

為了支持市政府和省政府的監控和控制疫情擴散工作, 每個客戶必須詳實填寫Covid-19健康聲明表健康狀況。聲明記錄所有信息, 僅由公共衛生部門需要進行聯繫人追踪時使用。感謝您對社區安全方面的理解和耐心。誠摯感謝,歡迎來到大虎重慶火鍋集團。

Covid-19 Health Declaration 健康及檢疫資訊申報

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