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Disclaimers & recommendations : An ideal with the above suggested cooking time table each ingredients are for your reference only. Suggested cooking time of each ingredients are the general guideline of taste, texture or preference of tenderness of food. Please to make sure the hotpot cooking time is at the temperature of the boiling water for your hotpot.   Hotpot food listed above must be cooked thoroughly, make sure is cooked before carving or consuming. Avoid putting too much food into the pot as it will cause uneven heat distribution. When raw food is put into the pot or the soup is refilled, it is necessary to wait until the soup comes to a boil before consuming/ eating any food from the pot. Use two separate sets of chopsticks and utensils to handle raw and cooked foods.
Please let our staff know if you have any assistance. Enjoy the different flavors in your hot pot at DAHU Hotpot!
免責聲明和建議: 每種食材都附有建議的理想烹飪調理時間,烹調理時間表僅作參考。 火鍋食材烹飪參考之調理時間表以待鍋中的水或湯煮沸後計算。 為確保食物安全,食物建議必須徹底煮熟,避免將太多食物放入鍋中,否則會導致熱量分佈不均。 請使用兩套獨立的筷子和餐具來處理/夾取生鮮食材與熟食。如果有任何幫助,歡迎聯繫我們的服務員。 愿您在大虎火鍋享受不同的火鍋風味!